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‘Restoring the waters’ (Fairfield) Schaffer Barnsley Landscape Architects with Michaelie Crawford and Jennifer Turpin. Photography Ian Hobbs and Nell Hobbs

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What is it about living in Sydney?

Presented in partnership with Committee for Sydney and with the support of Sydney Living Museums. Keynote presentations followed by panel discussion and audience questions.

Focusing on Sydney’s urban networks; green infrastructure, waterways and climate. With a projected need for 500,000–700,000 new homes over the next 15–20 years, how will our urban networks evolve to accommodate the scale of this development while also protecting the unique qualities of our city? How can we make sure our increased density is good quality? What does it really mean to create a liveable city and how do we ensure that it is liveable for everyone?

This event is now available to view via webcast.

You can download the primer booklet here.

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