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Forum + Workshop

Better Placed in the Central West

This is our second GA200+ regional event, and will be an opportunity to discuss how we can deliver a great built environment for the people of the Central West in the years ahead.

The event will be an opportunity to hear perspectives from designers and government representatives about the challenges and opportunities for the Central West and surrounding regions, and to join the discussion on how design can play a role in helping to address these.

Session 1 – Presentations and panel discussion

A conversation focusing on ways to deliver projects and programs that have the potential to improve and enliven regional town centres. How can we make sure the desired development is good quality as well as economically viable and contextually respectful? The panel discussion will consider how proposed policy directions could best support the need for increases in development in regional centres over the coming years, while also protecting the unique qualities of those cities and towns. The purpose of the discussion session is to gain a shared understanding of the key opportunities and challenges associated with delivering good design in the regions. In particular, the discussion will be an opportunity to explore how the proposed draft policy might support regionally specific design guidelines. 


John Whittingham, Director of Allen Jack + Cottier 

David Waddell Director, Development Services Orange City Council

Kate Alberry Director Environmental Services, Cowra Council 


Session 2 – Better Placed workshop 

Olivia Hyde, Director of Design Excellence, Office of the Government Architect will present Better Placed – a draft policy for architecture and design, launched by the Minister for Planning in September this year. The presentation will be the introduction to a workshop seeking your feedback on the opportunities this policy could offer and its intents for regional centres, with a particular focus on testing the Medium Density Design Guide.




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